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    I thought this would be interesting to bring up! :D

    Card Player's Method
    The Card Player's Method is commonly used to shuffle everyday playing cards. Hold about half the cards face down in each hand and intermingle them as they drop to the surface of the table. This technique mixes the cards thoroughly, but it can be awkward because most tarot cards are bigger than normal. This method is also hard on your cards. They tend to form a bend in the middle. The Card Player's Method is effective, but somewhat mechanical in spirit.

    Insertion Method
    Hold about half the deck in each hand, and insert one half in a scattered fashion down through the other half. You can hold the cards on their long or short side. This method is fast, efficient and composed with a lot of hand-to-card contact. Be careful with the edges as they can fray over time.

    Cowie Push/Put Method
    In Tarot for Successful Living, Norma Cowie describes her push/put shuffling method. Her technique thoroughly mixes the cards with maximum hand contact and little or no damage. Hold the deck face down in your dominant hand. Push some cards from the top with your thumb into the other hand. Then, push again, but this time to the bottom of the new pile. Continue alternating a push to the top, then one to the bottom until all the cards have been transferred. At this point, put the entire deck back into your dominant hand and start over. This method can be difficult at first. You may push too many or drop some, but your technique will improve with practice.

    Scrambling Method
    The Scrambling Method is about as basic as you can get. Spread all the cards face down on the floor or table, and start scrambling. This technique creates a good mix with few ill effects on the cards. The main drawback is that you need room. This shuffle also has a rather uncomposed feel which some find undesirable.

    To Avoid Reversed Cards:

    Start with your cards all facing the same direction.
    Every time you divide the deck before shuffling,
    make sure the two piles stay facing the same way.

    To Encourage Reversed Cards:
    Every time you divide the deck before shuffling,
    rotate one of the piles 180 degrees.

    (credited to Joan Bunning, "Learn the Tarot")


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    Thanks for sharing that!
    Do that again and I'll knock your block off!


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      I also...

      Thanks for sharing hun!!

      I also ask my friend (whom Im reading for) to split the pack into three piles, after shuffling, then I ask her/him to put them back together again into one pile.
      Then instead of getting them to choose theirs cards ~ I read from the top fifthteen cards ~ 5 for the past in a row, 5 for the present above the past row, and 5 for the future. This is a great past, present, future spread thats just been recently taught to me by a good friend ~ try it its great fun, indepth and very accurate!!
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        I totally agree on the cut.

        I've read, in another highly recommended book, Easy Tarot Guide by Marcia Masino about the cut. I'll post that info this evening when I get home and have the info infront of me. It will be interesting! I promise!



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          Never thought of that!

          WOW! I never thought of different ways of shuffling lol...I usually just mix the cards in my hand and cut them into three piles.

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            I get no reversals because the way I shuffle supports that, and I don't read reversals, anyway.
            Start by putting the entire deck in 'heads up' order. I shuffle by holding the deck on it's long edge and sliding 1/2 the deck to the right, as though you were closing a sliding door. So, if they are in my left hand with the 'bottoms' against my thumb, when I slide the 1/2 deck to my right, the bottoms of that side are towards the right pinkie. I still do the 'casino shuffle' where you bend the cards slightly and lift with the thumbs, snapping the ends of the two halves together. Push the piles together without flipping any part of the deck. Do this several times - voila! a completely shuffled deck with no reversals!
            I find it is 'card orientation' that causes reversals. When you flip the cards over - do you flip them side-to-side, or end over end? If the cards are all upright and you flip them end to end, you reverse the cards- so I flip mine side-to-side to maintian their 'upright' orientation. 8)
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              I bumped this up for any newbies (besides myself).
              As I was reading the beginning I kept thinking, "Where have I seen this?" Then the credit which is the book I'm currently studying! Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning

              In searching for this thread I was wondering what methond of shuffling do you prefer? Myself? I use a combination of of the Insertion Method and the Cowiie Push/Put Method (with a slight varation)


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                I use all of those methods depending on my mood, but I didn't realize there were names for them! Thanks for bumping this though, I don't read reversed cards partially because I didn't know how to encourage them on purpose without turning specific cards. It seemed to "rigged" but I'm going to try the method mentioned.

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                  I may have said this elsewhere, but one of the things I disliked about the book that comes with the Sacred Circle tarot is that it tells you to deliberately take and turn sections of the deck over to 'make sure you get reversals', which I thought seemed odd. I mean, reversals are accidental, and this sounds like you are setting them up, which I feel defeats their purpose.
                  "I'm NOT making this up, you know!" -- Tarotbear <):-)

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