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    Hi there,

    I can do at least 1 reading per week. I need just the screen name (real name not needed). Birth date is optional. I would welcome specific questions, though I will do general readings also.

    I sincerely wish that the people requesting readings provide some feedback on the reading. Feedback is a major reason for my offering online readings, besides, of course, to be able to help out people/forum. Mostly I will be doing detailed readings to cover all aspects of the situation.

    Please let me know if I have been included in the guild of readers...

    Best wishes,

    NOTICE: The Clairvoyant Society will not have its usual meeting this week, due to unforeseen circumstances.

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      I think this is a great idea... really, I do. I'd love to sign up, but I'm still just learning, and I don't have the confidence in myself. I don't think my readings would really be accurate. >.<

      I could sign up at a later date when I have more confidence in my readings, though.
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        I'd love to do a couple readings a week. I've been reading for about three years, and I love to have all the practice I can get.

        I like to have the querent's first name and, if it's not obvious, sex. Birthdate OR age usually helps me a lot. I prefer a specific question to, "Just give me a general reading." If someone is asking about a relationship, it also helps me to have the first name, sex and age of their partner. That way, I can give a more specific answer without a lot of guess work. I use, for the most part, 3-6 card spreads. I try to be as detailed as possible with my readings.

        I haven't seen much activity for the Readers' Guild recently, so I wasn't sure if it was still active. If it is, let me know and I'll gladly participate. :D


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          I can do two readings a week, if that is any help....
          And I am good with any spread that is required (even if I have to learn it).


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            I could do like a reading a day.
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