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Playing cards=tarot cards?

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  • Playing cards=tarot cards?

    Hubby was telling me he heard someone on the radio that used a regular deck of playing cards for tarot cards. I can somewhat understand this in terms of the numerology, suits,court cards (minus one) etc..(clubs=wands, spades=swords, diamonds=pentacles, hearts=cups) but what about the major arcana? How would that work? Any ideas?

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    Yup, you deffinatly can! And, there are alot of people who do. I can't really help out though with the major arcana, i'd like to hear what other people say, n if anyones tryed it.
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      I had a reading done with playing cards at a faire once and felt cheated, b/c I couldn't see what she saw.

      I don't understand the major arcana part, either.

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        I have a book on cartology somewhere, I'll have to find it and post some excerpts here. It's used for divination but it doesn't have the depth that tarot has, that would be partially why there isn't a major arcana.
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          While I look for the book, here are some websites I came up with using google. It's really really hard to find information on the subject that takes divination seriously, so I don't know how credible the first two are.

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            tarot are the most accurate cards for divination i have used playing cards also and they are ok but tarot are better...cheers!!! :hehehehe:
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              I read playing cards.
              As far as I can describe, it's a simpler way of going about it. There is no equivalent to the major arcana because they aren't the same cards. For example, the five of coins/pentacles and the five of clubs don't necessarily represent the same thing. Reading playing cards is a more linear process than the abstract divination of Tarot, which I find difficult.
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                A very dear friend of mine only reads with playing cards..a very old, beloved deck. I don't think the major arcana are used in this method at all...the cards just represent the minor. So, i suppose you get a more "subtle" seems to work very well for him, though.

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                  They're actually related. Just the Minor Arcana...lemme think... diamonds=pentacles, hearts=cups, spades=swords, clubs=wands.

                  You can find more. Do a search for history of playing cards.
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                    I found this book called "It's All in the Cards". It's all about reading a deck of playing cards. It's written by Chita St. Lawrence. I haven't really had time to try it out yet, so I can't say if it is any good or not.