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    The Celtic, or Great, Cross... a lot of people use it. I've been trying to learn it myself. It's been rather nifty but I still dunno much about it at all. Does anybody use this spread? How do you use it? What do you feel are the strengths and benefits to it? Are there situations you WON'T use it in? Just wanitng some feedback to force my mind into stimulation. I'm massochistic like that. *chuckles*
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    I use it in most cases.. but it isnt much good if someone asks "when"

    But there are also a lot of versions out there of this spread.. *shakes head*
    *cant remember what was gonna say*
    *presses post reply button*


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      The Celtic Cross is listed as a spread in most of the LWB (little white books) that come with tarot decks. It's certainly famous, but it's not really very practical for people who are just learning. It gives way too much information and it is just plain confusing!

      If you're a newbie, I suggest you start with smaller spreads. Like a 3 or even 5 card spread that will get straight to the point and not leave all the room for "covers you, crosses you" B.S.

      I do use the Celtic Cross, but I've changed it up a bit for my own uses, and I've found it works well for me. I don't use it often, but if my querent doesn't have a specific question or is looking for general information instead of specifics such as work, love life, etc. I use this version. I will post it here for those who are interested.


      1. General situation/atmosphere
      2. More insight on card 1
      3. Present
      4. Past
      5. Future
      6. Your subconcious (what you may not think is important but is affecting your situation)
      7. how you see yourself
      8. how others see you
      9. your hopes and or fears
      10. general advice on how to proceed

      Hope that helps.
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        I do it another way...

        The 3 would be where the 5 is, then the 4 where the 6 is, then the 5 where the 3 is and the 6 where the 4 is. The column is the same, and then I add in three signifyers for clarification on the reading, which I put to the top left at a diagonal above the 6 and the 3.
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          Well, that was mind-poking.

          So thanks for that. I've been practicing some- mainly it was translating my rune stuff into tarot stuff, and practicing for a while with three card spreads. Your spread looks really informative, Lisa, but I don't think I could figure it out if I tried using it. It did offer some alternative viewpoints though, that's for sure.

          Note to Mouse: I'm horrible with time, anyway. Heh.

          Kaylara: Ow... head hurts. :D

          So I get the impression this spread is very informative but complex. Its strength, to me, seems that it can supply an extreme sum of information, but usually it works best for a specific field- financial, romance, whatever. This has helped me find out how the suits interact with eachother, and it's also made me stop using reversed positions for some reason. My buddy, instead of using Crowns you and a Root, he uses Near Past, Near Future, Distant Future, Distance Past... that seems like it'd work best for me, even though I like the idea of crowns and roots. Heh.

          Thanks for the help y'all.
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