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  • forest of souls

    i am wondering what anyone thinks of this book.
    i haven't read it, only heard of it briefly
    so i am wondering if it is a good read, and "easy" read (i.e., sometimes books are very sluggish and jsut plain difficult)
    if it is worthwhile getting into my library here in town (i would have to ask them to buy the book)

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    Imagine that, a tarot book I don't own. How ever did that one escape me?? Now, I'm curious and will have to go to the library and check it out. :d

    I must be in the fairy realm too much of late, sorry I can't be of any help! Read the reviews here:

    Good luck!



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      thanks sugar.


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        don't post much anymore, but I figured I could help

        I have this book, and I really liked it. It wasn't sluggish at all-it was really fun and deep at the same time. So I recommend getting your library to buy it, if they will. If not, and you have the money, you should get it yourself!

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