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  • i haven't???

    Taken out my deck in awhile?? Been so busy is that bad of me?? SHould i maybe cleanse them?? i need to and feel i should but the time doesn't allow it somedays!!
    Watch they won't be cooperative with me?? Probably mad that i'm not spending time like i use too.
    So any suggestions on how/what i should do if things dont' work?? i can't bury them as we are moving! Don't want to leave them at this place.

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    Well, I know there are suggestions for cleansing a deck in another thread, the name of the thread escapes me at the moment.

    Some suggestions were: Banging the deck on the table three times to disperse negative energy, burying the deck (in earth or salt) can even do this in a planting pot; visualizations, meditations, shuffling....etc. I like to shuffle the cards with I'm doing something mindless like watching tv. :D


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      The thread is at

      and also suggests leaving them in the sunlight or moonlight, leaving them on an amethyst bed, or salting or smudging them or any of the suggestions Dagda mentioned