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  • Reversal or Not???

    I am learning to read the Rider-Waite deck and I read different things on the subject. Do you keep the cards in the same direction or do twist and turn and let some end up upside down? Does it matter?
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    A fellow low Rider! as for Inverteds I'd leave them upside down if that's the way they were dealt if you want any help on the card meanings once reversed I'd be glad to help


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      I don't use Rider-Waite, (love my Dragon Tarot) but for learning purposes, I don't use inverted.
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        Reading reversals or not often becomes a heated debate, LOL. :D There are generally 2 schools of thought on the matter:

        1. There are reversed meanings associated with the cards, so if you don't use reversals you are missing out on 78 more card meanings.

        2. There are 78 cards, for heaven's sake! There are plenty of meanings for everything! Besides, the "upside down" images just confuse me.

        It is really a personal choice. There are decks that I use reversals with and decks that I don't. I like the reversals because they give me 78 more options, IMO, but I've also had terrific readings when I don't use reversals.

        Here is a great thread (and very funny too) about this subject where you can see what I mean by a "heated debate"!

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          Like Lisa, I personally feel that reading reversals gives me more depth to my readings, however I don't necessarily ascribe completely different meanings to those cards as some suggest. There are also some decks where I feel like reversals just don't really work: the Fey Tarot is one in particular that doesn't seem to lend itself to reversals.
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            I dont read reversals. I think all of the information that is needed is in what is layed out no matter what. Just my humble opinion.
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              I too employ reversals to all my readings - but as mudweed put so perfectly - the meanings may not be all that different - and they don't necessarily have to be negative.


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                I am sure that many many people are more experienced with tarot than I, however, I have found that as long as I determine if I will use reversed or not before I lay out the cards it works either way.


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                  Normally, I never use reversals...but now I'm learning the Faeries Oracle by Froud...and reversals are very important to this I suppose I will be :D

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                    Thank you everyone. Now Im more confused about it than ever hahaha. I love you guys!
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                      I normally keep my cards so everybody is upright, and don't read when a reversed card does show up it has special significance. I usually read a reversal as indicating a problem or cause for concern in that particular aspect of the situation. Depending on the context of the reading as a whole, the reversal may really not be that big of a deal...just something that isn't going to go quite as smoothly as I would like.
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                        Usually I keep them upright. I've had a hard time with reversals in the past, but I'm beginning to experiment with my R-W deck and reversals again.


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                          Kinda a related question... I do read the reversals, since the book I learned from does, but for the second card in the Celtic Cross spread, ie: the for or against your situation card, that is placed sideways, should you read /both/ the good and bad meanings? And how do you know which one the cards are trying to tell you about?
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                            I don't use reversals. Once in a while I try it out but my mind just goes "duhhh" and that's the end of that.
                            I find that if the cards need to say something, they'll find a way to say it, regardless of whether or not you use reversals.


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                              I have often read that the card that "crosses you" should always be read upright and I generally follow this practice, but again, I bet it would work either way.