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Tarot v/s Oracle decks (also faeries oracle?)

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  • Tarot v/s Oracle decks (also faeries oracle?)

    Whats the difference between the tarot and oracle decks? Is there a difference at all?

    I have the faeries oracle deck as my 1st deck and although it called to me and I loved the art I'm not drawn to it anymore and have no urge to pick it up like I did when I 1st got it last winter. I'm pregnant so I guess I'll have to wait till after to see if I change back again. I also found this deck hard to understand, the singer cards didn't talk to me at all, I don't think I like it when I can't tell what the picture is supposed to be.

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    Hi seapearls!

    The difference between oracle and tarot decks is:

    1. Most tarots (with a few exceptions) have 78 cards
    2. Tarot has a set format and set meanings for the cards, and are basically the same for each tarot deck
    3. Oracles can have any # of cards
    4. Oracle decks have thier own meanings for cards that are different for each oracle.

    Those are the main difference between oracle decks and tarot cards.

    The Faerie's oracle is a good deck. Don't give up on it yet. Did you do the exercises in the front of the book? Those are fun and can help you get used to the cards and the fey.

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    See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

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      I"m sorry Sweetie, you asked that in your other thread and I didn't answer. I"ve been really sck. I'm sorry. yeah...what she said.
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        Yes I have done the exercises but it has been a while. I have read the whole book. I will start with the exercises again when I get the chance to start back with my cards. Thanks.


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          I use an Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. Maybe some day I'll buy a Tarot deck...
          For some reason I feel more comfortable with the Angels. I'd like to have a
          Fairie deck at some point. :-)