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  • A Tarot Witch?

    Is there such thing as a tarot witch? You know a tarot reader that cast spells using tarot cards.

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    A tarot witch huh? You know I'll never understand the need to label oneself a sea witch, a forest witch etc. A magician wouldn't say they are a circle magician because they work within a circle. Yes, practice is defined by praxis, that "what we do"; however it is not so much the materia magica itself as the traditional formulas and ways of thinking behind its use.

    That said, the answer to your question is....


    You can thank the Golden dawn for this one as they perfected this system.
    Your trumps are archetypal so for instance:
    You can use the High Priestess to invoke figures like Hekate Aradia, Circe, etc.
    You can use The Empress to invoke figures like Demeter, Gaia,
    The Emperor, figures like Zues, Adonai, El, any kind of ruler god.
    The Hierophant can be used to call Hermes, Thoth, Merlin, Loki, Solomom... any sort of magician, poe or ceremonialist.
    Trickster figures such as Coyote would correspond to the Hanged Man.
    What about the Fates, Norns or Grandmother Spider?- They'd be represented by the Wheel of Fortune.
    Sophia, Shekinah or the world soul?- The World Card.

    Hekate in particular, I'd use the High Priestess, the Wheel of Fortune and the world Card if you are looking at her as Axis Mundi or even the world soul.

    So the Trumps are all about either the invocation and taking on of a godform or state of being, or the evocation of that form into the ritual space.

    Oh but what about the space itself?
    The Royal Arcana correspond to the four Kabbalistic worlds as do the suits.
    So for example, the King of Pentacles is Atziluth of Assiah - Fire of Earth.

    If you arent a Kabbalistic you might prefer to use the number cards here which indicate the sephiroth.
    This is still Kabbalistic however, sephiroth 3 to 9 have correspondence to the planetary spheres.

    3 - Saturn
    4 - Jupiter
    5 - MArs
    6 - Sol
    7 - Venus
    8 - Mercury
    9 - Luna

    So lets cast a circle, we want to work with the forces of the Moon, and to bring those forceses here to were we are.
    So we will use the airts formula to arrange the nines in a deck:

    East - Air - 9 of Swords
    South - Fire - 9 of Wands
    West - Water - 9 of Cups
    North - Earth - 9 of Pentacles.

    Now in some decks the elemental attributions for swords and wands are switched.

    Lets say you want to do a simple working to change your luck.
    well, you can employ the Wheel of fortune while burning a candle for them.
    practice tatrak meditation with the flame, focus on the flame until all of your attention and awareness is on that flame.
    Then from that fire, conjure is visualization of what it is you are wanting. Build this up as the candle continues to burn.
    You may even consider a mantra, chant or incantation while doing so.

    You can even hold space like this with the card, holding your awareness within it as to explore the nature of its mysteries,
    as well as to be informed with the direction of, and even direct that influence. Look at it as being immersed within the divinitory lot.
    As you are within the inner dance that is sustaining the play of cards in the outer realm of that which has been expressed.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition