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Used Tarot and Runes,need some help interpreting

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  • Used Tarot and Runes,need some help interpreting


    I know people don't generally like the idea of someone believing they might be cursed, so I'm hoping I'm not going to get any negativity for asking about this, but...

    I asked first IF I had a curse on me with Tarot and got an upright Emperor card. Then I asked WHO cursed me with runes and got Othala.

    In your opinion, does that mean "yes, you are" and then the culprit being "a family member" or perhaps "a family curse" ? I'm not sure what to think about these readings. Thank-you for your help.

    Oh, yeah. This was a Yes/No reading.
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    Curses are real, but it is not common. If you feel you have some bad juju around you....whether it be an intentional curse or accidental circumstances....make sure your doing regular cleansing and doing a bit of energetic self maintenance on a regular. This makes you less susceptible to curses and the riptides of life.