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  • Tarot Readers For The New Readers Guild

    If you are a Tarot reader looking to help others and/or gain experience with your Tarot skills, and are willing to take part in the new & improved MW Readers Guild - Kindly reply to this post saying "I want I want I want!" and later on, I will contact all those who are interested with further details!

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    I'm a reader on the current guild and I would like to continue. :bouncysmi
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      "I want I want I want!" - hehehe was a member before, but had to quit, but now things are settled in my new home so I can do it !
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        I want!! I might have to go on hiatus soon when I have the baby, but after that, everything should be fine!
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          I want! I want! I want!...:hehehehe:

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            I want I want I want!

            I'm a new reader so I need experience. :D

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              I'm not sure if just 6 of us will be able to take over if theres an overwhelming amount of requests.

              Anyone else interested in aiding with online readings for the new & improved MW Reader's Guild?


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                I want, I want, I want!



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                  I want, I want, I want!!

                  I'm a new reader, but I want to start reading for people eventually, and no time like the present to start and gain experiance!!
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                    oh shucks...I'll give it a whirl too

                    Suffering thru a 3rd deployment!!!!!


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                      I do want, too.....I have dallied with it for a number of years, but feel I could learn a bunch....I would happily jump in on weekends...okay?
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                        Hmmmmm wellnow how many does that make? Morr do you think this is enough?
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                          we are 10 so far.
                          Lets give it another day and see if a few more join us.
                          It cant hurt :D


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                            Oh no problem I was thinking of maybe more then a day or so, just to make sure, since there still do not seem to be many :D
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                              I will I can definitely use the practice.
                              I've got a really busy schedule though, so I'd have to limit myself to 1 or 2 per week.
                              Is that ok?