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    It seems as if we have more readers than querants...but I know for one that quite a few of the readers joined because no one was available to do readings for them.

    After I signed up, I totally forgot that hey, I'd like a reading for myself too.
    Just because I'm a reader doesn't mean that I can't get a reading from the guild, right?

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    yeppers, that is why moonshine had a great idea of forming cirlces within the Guild, so that we can practice on eachother, get good feedback, and free readings

    Suffering thru a 3rd deployment!!!!!


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      haha duhhh, I totally missed that.
      got a new job and as a result, only have time to read snippets of posts here and there.


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        Yeah, our circle of reading starts this evening.. (It is morning 9:00, Friday here). So once I get back home from work today, I will post the guidelines etc. and then we start off with our readings..We'd love to have you there..
        Bye for now,

        NOTICE: The Clairvoyant Society will not have its usual meeting this week, due to unforeseen circumstances.

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          How do I join the Readers guild? I've been reading for about a year and a half and had really good success, this would be good for me...
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