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Is the Joker the Fool or Magician?

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  • Is the Joker the Fool or Magician?

    In a regular playing card deck is the Joker which is an unumbered "extra" card. The character usually looks like a Court Jester. Supposedly this card is related to the Tarot and I tend to agree!

    But is the Joker stemmed from the Fool, the Magician, or a combination?

    At first I would say the Fool because the Joker (Jester) are similarly regarded. They are seen as "idiots" who are playful and naive but challenge others to ask "what is true wisdom"?

    On the other hand the Magician in some older decks is shown as a Juggler or charlatan with images that remind me of the Joker. So I think the Joker could be a bit of both cards.

    What do you think?


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    I never really thought about the Joker in terms of the Tarot..

    THe Joker is a wild card, which means it can be an Ace of Spades if the person who has it deems so.. So in esoteric ponderings, I would think that The joker is a powerful card in that it is able to assume the role of any of the other cards at any given time... From a "Team Player" point of view, that would mean that he is highly trained in Each of the 52 aspects of the deck where as each individual card is specialized in its own singular roles.... (Hypotheticly Speaking) IMHO
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