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  • Reversed meanings?

    How do you get your Tarot cards actually reversed in the first place? When I put up my cards, I make sure they're all in the same direction. Am I not supposed to do that? I'm a bit confused.

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    There are several schools of thought on reversals ... some decks don't use them at all.

    The "traditional" Rider-Waite tarot deck does have written interpretations for reverals. Using them is up to you. The standard deck actually has enough information and richness from dealing with the cards as only upright ... shades of meaning change, sometimes in unexpected ways when you use reversals.

    Do what's most comfortable for you ... if you are just learning, you can start by only reading the cards upright, and as you become more and more familiar with your deck (throwing aside the LWB (little white booklet) can help in this) you can start working with the reverals as well. Let the deck's imagery speak to you and work with you, teaching you the meaning that flows from spirit to YOU, which may be different from the way someone else does it.

    If you do choose to read reverals, as you lay the cards out, decide exactly how you'll flip them each time ... top to bottom or left to right. Stick with one or the other (unless you have a very strong feeling about certain cards in the layout).

    Read as often as you can, to become more used to doing it. Use published layouts, or design your own. Draw a card before sleep each night and journal about it's meaning to you today. (if you get a second or third time, after you're done look back at what it meant before).

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      I think reading reversals is a personal thing--some readers do, some don't. I don't intentionally shuffle to get reversed cards. I usually re-order my deck to cleanse it after a reading, and I make sure the cards are upright. If I should happen to get a reversed card in a reading I DO read it that way, though, because I figure it must be significant.

      I believe people get a little too nervous about tarot sometimes, thinking they MUST do things a certain way or the tarot won't "work." My opinion is that the tarot is 78 plastic-coated pieces of paper with images on them designed to spark a person's intuition. It doesn't get angry or not work properly if you don't lay the cards out a certain way. It's the reader and his or her intent that makes a tarot reading tick.


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        I read with reversals in some of my decks, but not others. There's a reason for that, but it's long winded & we won't get into it right now. LOL

        The way to get reversals in your deck is to intentionally shuffle them that way. Cut your deck in half and switch one of the halves around (head to head or toe to toe) so that you have one stack of "upright" and one stack of "reversed". Shuffle thoroughly.

        If you have a deck with backs that allows for reversals, you'll never know which ones will be which. If the back of your deck doesn't allow for them, then you'll know which card will be reversed before you flip it.
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          I'm always really careful to shuffle so as not to get reversals. For some reason, I don't like them at all. I figure there are enough cards in one deck to go around and reversals are not necessary. But, every once in a while, even though I'm extra careful never to reverse the cards, I'll get a reading with flipped cards. When that happens, other than really freaking me out and make me wonder how the bleep that happened in the first place, I always pay attention and take it as a sign that the deck is trying to tell me something important.