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  • Decks with very little imagery

    I currently own only one tarot deck, the Liz Dean one. (If she's made more than one I'm unaware of it.)

    Anyway, I haven't used it much at all in the 2 years I've had it, for various reasons. But now I'm interested in learning more about it and reading on a fairly regular basis.
    The thing is, while the deck has been alright the few times I've used it, it is really lacking in the imagery department. The major arcana cards are fairly decent... (they could be a lot more detailed, though!), but the minor arcana is really just sad.

    All the minor cards have is basically a picture of what they are. That's a bad sentence, let me explain. For example, the Two of Cups card... has 2 cups on it. That's it. The Four of Pentacles has, you guessed it, 4 pentacles. There's nothing else!
    A year ago I had the opportunity to have a look at the Robin Wood deck, and the minor arcana was really nice! It had real pictures, and I found that it appealed more to my intuition, which I value over textbook definitions.

    Anyway... What about you folks? Do you use decks that aren't very elaborate at all? If so, how do you interpret them? Intuition, books... both? Any tips? I don't really have the money to buy another deck right now...

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    Its very hard to begin with to remember what the cards mean when they have such little imagery in them. I own an IJJ Swis deck which is very similar to the one you discribed here. It was also my first deck back when I was 16. I had a really hard time with it whilst I was learning and I wouldn't recomend decks like this to the beginer. The only way to learn the cards of this nature is parot fashion to begin with, even this is hard since they don't come out in the right order once you shuffle them. Try to learn key words that sum up what the card means in one or two words. That is a lot easier than trying to learn and remember whole sentances. When its birthday time and someone asks what you want tell them you want the Rider Wait deck and hope someone gets that for you. Though the pictures aren't very illaborate every single card leaves you in no doubt of what it means :D


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      Sounds to me like you have a Crowley based deck....they are very heavy on the imagery, while Rider Waite based decks tell stories within each card and are more easier to interpret for the beginner.

      Crowley decks are a lot harder for tarot newbies, because they require that you really research and memorize what the individual cards mean. However, I think that they develop stronger tarot readers in the end, because it forces the reader to really know the cards, rather than just reading a story.

      As for figuring out the cards...books help, as do many different sites (just google minor arcana, and you'll get a bunch). Or, you can go into the CoT Tarot Course and check out the lesson on the minor arcana.

      Either way, it will take a ton of practice....all tarot decks take a lot of time to get the hang of, and really know the meanings...I'm talking months of daily work. It'll come to you eventually, though.
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        I agree with Amethyst Rose. Many beginners start off with a rider waite based deck, which tells a story - in many books i've seen recommending decks, they also opt for this.

        I usually say my cosmic deck was my first deck as it's the first i successfully read with, but my first deck was actually the Haindl tarot - i couldn't read this deck when i got it. It is very much like the deck you described of yours, the artwork is so very different to usual tarot decks and i absoloutly adore the imagery - but i couldn't read with it to start with.

        Like Bethra said, your next birthday suggest that someone buy you a new deck - maybe robin wood, as this is one you liked. The robin wood is a great beginner deck. I couldn't start with the rider waite, i had much better look with my cosmic deck. But The robin wood deck is another of my favourites for a beginner.

        You can learn with the deck you have now, obviously. But it may take a little extra work from you - when the minor arcana has imagery it is so much easier to remember meanings and tune into your intuition, he imagery acts like a boost to get your intuition going.

        Keep at it though - just do as much research as you can, and give yourself practice readings - a good tarot beginner book will help you a lot too.
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          Thanks for the replies, all of you! People are so helpful here! :D
          I think I will take time studying each card, and doing research and taking notes.
          for all of you.


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            I have an extra brand new deck of Miss Cleo cards. They are cheap but they have Egyptian imagery, quite better than the deck you are using (I have it too) your addy and I'll send it to ya

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