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  • I have submitted my work... Schiffer Books. They are "slowing down" with their Tarot contracts, & it may be a LONG time before I know anything from them for sure. Well, fact is that Dal Negro told me to submit too - though they didn't so much as give me specs!! - however, I have them to go to as well so I may not just wait around.

    I also have a line on a really GREAT company who prints up Tarot decks, & all I have to do is have the accompanying booklet printed up elsewhere - my local print-shop - because they allow like 45 pages, & mine is 140. haha

    If I go with them, I will have the booklet printed up 1st, then I'll tell them how much extra room I will need in the box to the exact measurement.

    Anyway, this project is going to see the shelves by sometime next year, MAX... (Wish me luck!)

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    Wonderful If it goes all to plan I'd like to buy once I am in Canada permantly.
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      Hopefully it'll be available EVERYWHERE! hehe


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        Oooo, good luck...can't wait to see it:boing: and get one!

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          Good deal! Keep us posted!
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          See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

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            Wow, that's amazing!! I hope everything goes as planned!!

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              Ok, word-up from Schiffer:

              She said, (quote,) "Thank you for your beautiful submission." :D

              Now for the baddish newz...

              It will be at least a YEAR before they make any decision.

              I have now submitted to Dal Negro, who were VERY VERY VAGUE about submissions so I'm not too happy about that. However, I also wrote to good ol' USG (AGAIN!! ), & am waiting to hear back about what exactly to send.

              Luck again!!


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                Good luck and keep at it. :boing:
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                  Word-up peeps, I heard back from Dal Negro.

                  Seems that when they ignored my last e-mail, turns out there were glaring omissions in my info. Also, they FINALLY sent me the specs which I ASKED for, & did NOT get as I say, MOST annoying...

                  I have to do the cards at 60x104mm, so not huge but anyway they MIGHT just be interested because she stated, "Before we discuss a price..." & I am assuming that that means on the deck itself, NOT the print-run - um?? Yeah, they PUBLISH - not PRINT, fine distinction. That's what my impression is anyhoo!

                  So anyway, back to work - to make up the cards at that size & with a white border for bleed & trim. :D

                  I'll be back - HAHAHA!!


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                    They are done & sent.

                    I now have to wait until MONDAY - AAAAAAAAARRRGH!!


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                      Well, a big fat "BLEAH" to Dal Negro. They are just a factory, NOT a publishing house - I was expected to pay about $1800 for their SERVICES.


                      I have written to USG last week, Thursday or Friday, & I am waiting on their word about what to send in for a submission.

                      Who knows, they may even go for the idea...