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Going to USG now - VERY EXCITED!! :D

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  • Going to USG now - VERY EXCITED!! :D

    HEHE!! I am about to submit to US Games - that is, upon my return from Switzerland wherein I should be able to tell them something quite SOLID about my reputation thereupon!!!

    I have a really neat-o submission package in the works.

    My main story about THEM is THIS:

    Paula, who is art director, wrote me back with a VERY UNUSUAL REQUEST INDEED! You see, I had been in touch with her before & I know that she saw that I am professional, & at any rate DO know what I am doing. She invited me to send in quite the BUNCH of images - their ordinary submission specs state very clearly, *4* images & no more! She wants QUITE a FEW!!

    (I will be sending them as a snail package, all nicely bound & professional looking, along with text to go with.)

    The other thing was this:

    I had gone to them something like 3 years ago wondering how much it would be to have them just print up the cards (the do that for MUCHO $$$!!). I got back an e-mail from STUART KAPLAN HIMSELF (chairman & founder of LONG standing!!), asking me about the concept! I was at the time, however, asking questions having to do with copyright & fair use. + the fact that I had them done on the computer as cyber-images at all of 72 dpi - - & I was most of the way through the deck BEFORE finding out that that is NOT publishable!! - & the upshot of THAT was, I didn't hear from him again.


    Since then, I have had universal word that anything I do as a DRAWING is "fair use", from all the publishers I contacted & from my lawyer sister, as well! So, NO problems with THAT at all. & the images are coming out FABULOUS, much more cohesive, as pencil drawings, which funnily enough was the way I wanted to go in the 1st place. Only thing about it is, now I have to work from my own rather crude line-drawings rather than the photos themselves - & as things turned out, I might as well have just proceeded with the photos in the original images instead, & saved myself some work!! :smileroll Ah well, I'm managing...

    Hope that folks are interested!! :D

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    Very cool and good luck!
    :fpraise: All hail the mighty SEARCH function! :fpraiseyo

    See the completed cards from the MW Tarot Project @ the link below:

    If "a gentle touch speaks volumes" imagine what a bitch-slap can do! ~ me


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      Thank you - the package is 110% finished as of now (I kinda got carried away but I want them to see EVERYTHING worth seeing), but of course I wait until my trip to Zurich has happened & been successful, so that I can tell them when I return that I am now an INTERNATIONALLY COLLECTED ARTIST...!! :D I hope for LUCK!! :D


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        Apparently a) the market is saturated, & b) these are just too darn pastel. I'm not hoping for anything when I DO submit this.

        I am going to DeLano, & having the cards printed up. I have to get the booklet printed seperately as it is too long for them to print. That's ok, I'll make bags & put the whole thing together into them.


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          Well! I just had the MOST POSITIVE READING YET on this project - & the upshot was indeed that USG would GO for the idea! Well, I have my back-up plan in place, so now I will a) wait to come home from Zurich, b) send in the submission, & c) sit back & wait for a phone-call, hahaha!