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  • Not bad! Getting ready to redeploy here soon. I'm so excited!!
    Available for readings. PM with question!

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    • Ok, So I know it has been a while, but I finally have another card completed. That leaves only one more, and I will hopefully be getting the picture done for that one tonight.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	10 - The Duty Roster.jpg
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      • You're probably not looking for anymore ideas, but I had an idea for the death card, maybe like use a picture of different military uniforms and soldiers spanning time like a revolutionary war, civil war guy and a WWI or WWII guy next to a modern solider like standing next to each other since death is often used for change and it would still ring of remembrance. Another thought, have you considered doing a collaboration with an artist to maybe draw some of the pictures you've chosen out for you, so they'd all look more like the medic card? Although, I think actual photos go more with the "efficient" spirit of the military. I really liked the deck and your ideas.

        I was actually planning on making my own cards, but I was flip-flopping about whether or not I'd be able to. I'm glad I saw your thread. It was just what I needed. Also, my husband and I found the card descriptions hilarious. We both know many people in different branches. Awesome day-brightener.
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