What is Tarot? How does it work? Are gods / guides / spirits involved?

What is Tarot?

Where to readings come from?

Does anyone channel in order to read tarot

What makes you pick the cards you pick…?

The right cards

Are cards really drawn randomly?

Who do I ask for?

Why tarot works

are the meanings outdated?

Why are the meanings of the minor arcana so inconsistent?

why are there different types of decks?

2 Old questions, but hoping for new answers

Are all tarot decks created equal?

Tarot cards or Oracle cards?

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Tarot / Oracle deck difference?

Probably a stupid question

Can someone tell me the difference between

Tarot v/s Oracle decks (also faeries oracle?)

Tarot vs Oracle

Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards

Difference between oracle and tarot decks?

Oracle or Tarot, your preferred type?

Tarot cards or Playing Cards? (Cartomancy)

Any Cartomancers here?

playing cards instead?

Is the Joker the Fool or Magician?

Playing Card Tarot

Playing cards=tarot cards?

Playing Card Tarot

Does anyone else read Playing Cards?

Old school playing cards reading

Playing cards?

How do I shuffle?


Shuffling your deck

Fairly basic questions


How do you deal?

Drawing Cards

just wondering…..

Shuffling Question

Does anyone shuffle like this?

The Shuffle

How do you lay your cards out?

How do you shuffle your cards?

A Really Silly Question


Shuffling the odd shaped deck

Shuffling Methods

What do you do when you feel like the cards weren’t shuffled well?

Cutting the cards

Using Significators?



Do you use a signifier card?

To Use Reversals or Not to Use Reversals… that is the question!

Reversed or not?

Upside Down

reverse meanings

Reversed Cards

Reversed meanings?

An overabundance of reversals…

Reversals.. a debate

How do you know which reading to give?

Reversal or Not???

what is meant by reversed cards?

what does an upside down tarot card mean?

Reverse tarot cards

Reversed cards

Reversed Meanings a scam?

Do I have to receive my deck as a gift?

New to Tarot, first deck question

Tarot Deck Question

buying decks

Buying your own deck

getting a new deck

First Tarot Deck

Is there a good or bad?

My deck has to be a gift??? Bwa?

Deck cleansing or charging? Decks under your pillow?

Charging your tarot deck

How do you properly keep your deck?

Used Tarot Decks

New tarot deck

Negative energy w/tarot??? Hummm…

Attuning with your cards?

Cleansing Tarot…


cleansing cards, and I can’t read

Cleansing my new deck

I think my deck is angry at me

How do you Cleanse your cards??

Cleansing your tarot deck..

Cleansing a deck

”Resetting” Cards

new reader

Sill question about Tarot cleansing

I have a confession to make.

Cleansing a new deck

Cleansing Cards

New Tarot Cards

blessings to tarot cards

I haven’t???

tarot under the pillow?

Bonding with more than one Tarot Decks…

Tarot Decks and Sleep (or lack of it)

Attention! Tarot/Dream Study!

Other people touching your deck?

Oh no…!!

Do you let other people touch your tarot cards?

Touching Cards

touching the cards – giving readings

Do you let other people touch or shuffle the deck?

Reading for others

Common Tarot Myths and Misconceptions

CRUSHING some ‘Tarot Absolutes’

Non-pagans using the tarot

question about tarot cards

Legends about origin of Tarot

Tarot Myths

Tarot Gift

Scared of Tarot cards

Can you be a skeptic AND a tarot reader?


Have you ever been kicked out from a public place

Is the Thoth deck evil?

Why is Tarot evil?

Am I going to die? Do cards tell you you are going to die?

death in a reading

scared of tarot

Tarot Taboos

Tarot compared to Ouija Board..(bad experiences w/tarot?)

Tarot Ethics

Tarot ethics – How to break bad news?

Do you think it’s ethical?

Posting of Readings

Tarot Ethics

To do or not to do readings for those under 18?

There’s more to it than I thought

Reading for minors

Using tarot as a crutch?

Making money from Tarot readings?

Charging for Readings

What makes a professional tarot reading professional?

First decks, decks for beginners, etc.

Any suggestion on a Tarot deck?

Why the Rider Waite decks for beginners

A beginner’s deck

Question about Decks

New to Tarot, first deck question

Decks with very little imagery

Should I get the Thoth deck?

Pretty Rider-Waite variation?

Help w/buying a Tarot deck

No rules? *rant*

Tarot Cards for a young person

Getting started?

Tarot Cards.

what deck?

Thinking about a deck

Tarot Book Recommendations

What is your favorite book on tarot?

Book on Tarot

Gina Pace’s Pagan Tarot

Tarot books

Books about Tarot

Your favourite Tarot book?

Tarot Book Recommendations?

Forest of Souls

What’s your Favorite Tarot Book?

Tarot for Idiots

Bookish question

Reading Recommendations

Need to learn tarot? Help for Newbies

Is There Any Easy Way to Memorize Tarot Cards?

I’m Learning How

breaking away from the book!


Memorizing Meanings

I still don’t get it…


Tarot Book of Shadows

How do you understand the tarot?

Help for Newbies

How did you learn to read the cards?

How To Tarot

reading accuracies

What’s helped you?

Tarot / Numerology Exercise

Scary, negative, bad cards? No such thing!

The Tower Card...

Death card

death in a reading

Ten of Swords

Reflections on Death

Devil Card?


Devil card in deck

Three of Swords

Defunct Reader's Guild Threads

Another idea....

Announcement :D

Attention All Readers

Question for our readers!

Readers Guild Question

Attention All Guild Readers!

Teams threads...

The Readers Guild - We Need Readers

Revamping the Readers Guild

Question about Readers' Guild

Readers' Guild Requests - Please request all reading here!

what happened to our Guild???

Tarot Readers For The New Readers Guild

hum...(reader's guild!)

For the Guild....

Want a Reading? Look here first. Want to give a reading? Look here first.