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  • Frustrated

    I decided to do a tarot reading last night after a long meditation, focusing on my job/career, which has had a drastic change recently. 3 past cards, 3 present, 3 future.

    All of them were "negative", save for the ace of wands. I won't go into specifics, but they signified a lot of greed, loneliness, struggle, loss, screwing people over. Material success, but at the cost of other things.

    I decided to do another reading clarifying this, and 7 of the same cards showed up in their respective categories. Great (and yes, I shuffled them very well).

    As you might imagine, I'm not happy with this, lol. I'll admit, I've been having some motivation issues lately but I framed the future as "if I am successful in my work."

    It just contradicts with my own feelings, because I really do enjoy my job. Okay, I've been a little frustrated with it the past couple of days but most of the time it's a very fun job and I've been doing well at it. I really plan on pursuing this field for a few years to come, because I enjoy it and it offers so many benefits for me.

    But now this tarot reading it making me paranoid. What if this isn't my life path? Did I make a mistake? Are the gods angry with me? Is my job not "spiritual" enough? Is it going to make me lonely? Or is it just because I was sleep deprived and had a bit of a frustrating day? In any case, the reading has just managed to make me feel worse.

    I feel like there are things looking into, meditating on. I have some major blocks to sort through but I don't know where to start because now I'm questioning if I'm even going about it the right way.

    Any insight at all into this would be appreciated. I think I'm going to pursue a number of spiritually fulfilling things this week, continue with my work of course, and do another reading in about a week or whenever I feel ready. Part of me worries that the gods are angry (if that's even possible), because I recently cut off some ties in my life related to my past goals, but the other part of me thinks this is just inner guilt that I have imposed on myself because I know my actions would be questioned by society.
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    Without knowing what cards you drew it's rather hard to say one way or another. I would suggest taking a bit of time to step back and look at the situation as a whole, it might very well be that the cards were not answering the question you think you asked but one which was in your heart? They may also have been warning you about co-workers or clients.

    Meditate on it and give it a couple of days and try a new reading. Work is important, especially in this day and you don't want to jeopardize that. So don't let this get you down.

    Possibly try a different form of divination, maybe runes or a pendulum and see what answers you get from those.
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      Thanks I'm going to meditate on it for a week, and do another reading. I was a bit sleepy when I did this reading, which may have affected it, and my mind probably was not clear.


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        Originally posted by Nyneve View Post
        Thanks I'm going to meditate on it for a week, and do another reading. I was a bit sleepy when I did this reading, which may have affected it, and my mind probably was not clear.
        You also may want to try a different deck if possible, do a different spread or maybe just do a random 3 card pull every morning for a few days. When I get odd readings I tend to ask someone else to do a reading for me as well.
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          This is why I don't do reading about myself... I'd have someone else do the reading for you.

          OR maybe the cards are warning you of challenges to come (maybe it has to do with other people you may be working with, or a change in the company). Keep to your goals and morals, take the challenges in stride. Stay true to yourself and you'll be fine.