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The Fool's Journey part I

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    I really like the Fool card too - I think maybe that's because it's one of the ones that I've learned the most about lately. :-) I have the Goddess Tarot and the Fool is represented by Tara and is called "Beginnings" instead of a Fool. The same undercurrents mentioned above still ring true though - she is standing on the edge of a mountain like she's about to fall off, and she looks care free, but you have a sense that she knows exactly what she's doing.

    Tara is the Tibetan goddess that guides people through this life and to their next. As such, she's perfect for the Fool card because she IS the traveler... but with this deck instead of her traveling I feel like she's guiding you on your travels - she somehow removes that voyeuristic feeling that you're watching the Fool go along on his trip and replaces it with the feeling that she's orchestrating the cards around her to show you what you're supposed to do on YOUR trip. She is also known as a Fierce Protectress, so when she shows up for me I also think that the reading is more important then, like she feels the need to emphasize security.

    She's beautiful and wistful but also strong and wise - the only highly places tibetan goddess, she's a step shy from Buddhadom!

    It's interesting to me how each deck seems to have a slightly different theme, but a lot of the base tones are the same. I like decks that have the Fool's journey more than ones that don't though - maybe because it's kind of historical?

    Thanks for the post and sorry for rambling!
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    For nought so vile that on the earth doth live / But to the earth some special good doth give.
    - The Friar, Romeo and Juliet


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      Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, that's one I am going to have to print off!

      Thank you Semele!


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        Thanks Semele for posting the fool's journey it helped me understand the cards better.

        The wise don't expect to find life worth living, they make it that way.