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    I thought it would be nice to have a photo album for just the Tarot Forums Students and Frequent Visitors. :D

    So, Scan them up....! If you do not have access to a digital camera, or a scanner....please contact me via e-mail to get my address, send me your picture and I will scan up the photo for you and put the attachment up in here......then return your picture to you. :D Please make sure they are frontal views so we can see your beautiful face!

    So, you have no excuses....attach away!

    This picture of me was taken late August 2000.
    Last edited by Dagda Moon~Lily; June 7th, 2001, 11:06 AM.

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    Dagda you look just like I imagined

    That is a beutiful picture... I'll post one of me somewhere next week, I am borrowing my cousins digital camera

    Blessed be
    ~ As above, so below ~


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      Great Pic! Now I need to get a good one taken of me! :P

      Unless you have one you think would work?? Just not that screwed up one! Ya know the one I'm talking about! :D

      :flowers: In Peace :flowers:
      :hearthear Love :hearthear
      and Light!
      :boing: ~~Illy~~ :boing:


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        Yeah, I know the one you are talking about...I'll see what I can come up with when I get home. I'm sure I have one we could use.


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          Here's one of me and my oldest daughter taken last summer. The quality isn't too good, but it's better than nothing. I was pregnant in this pic so my face looks a bit fatter than normal.

          Emerald Sky


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            Illyandra's Picture

            Hi Illy,

            I hope this one is okay. Ya know, I only have picture's of us partying together. But I do know that this one is 2000% better than the photo you were talking about earlier!

            Hope ya like it!

            So everyone else, you have to know that this was taken on my birthday....and we were into our cups by this time!


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              Not sure if this is going to work; I have problems attaching things sometimes. Should I do the 'portrait' or the 'mr wizard' shot? Decisions! Decisions! maybe I should consult the cards??????
              "I'm NOT making this up, you know!" -- Tarotbear <):-)

              Off his buns and on a roll.....


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                Here's me and my daughter last summer she was the flowergirl.


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                  How beautiful you both are Tigger! Thank you for sharing!



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                    thanks! one of the better pics of me i'm not the picture taker type!!


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                      well i suppose that i'm semi frequent.. at least in reading here.... (still in the process of making my own deck and all...)...
                      hmm... picture of me... *tries to pick one out*

                      this is an OLD one.. but it's purdy.... at least i think so!
                      :uhhuhuh: VIVA LA CAKE!!! :uhhuhuh:
                      i look up at the sky and see only darkness, for even the sun hides from my gaze
                      Lucidia For President ! I'm not old enough, and i'm a pagan with tattoos, but if I start a campain now, maybe i'll get 0.01% of the vote by the time i'm 35!!!!


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                        Here me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Here is the long anticapted picture of me enjoy.

                        Keeper Of the Darkenedwoods,
                        I felt like I was watching a dream I'd never wake up from. Before I knew it the dream was all over.


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                          Tried posting an 'attachment' and it didn't work! Did I do something wrong? If ya wanna see my pic - go to my web page:
                          "I'm NOT making this up, you know!" -- Tarotbear <):-)

                          Off his buns and on a roll.....


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                            Re: Tarot Member's Photo Album

                            Originally posted by Dagda Moon~Lily
                            I thought it would be nice to have a photo album for just the Tarot Forums Students and Frequent Visitors. :D

                            Im back!!! :D & so happy to be ~ missed you guys sooooo much!!

                            Wow!!! This is a brill idea babes!!!

                            Everyone looks so nice and now I feel like I know you all so much more :D (already did.. but now Im really touched!)

                            Dagda ~ looking gorg and love the nails babe :D

                            Emerald Sky and Tigger ~ you and your daughters look so happy, sweet and beautiful!!

                            Illy ~ Is that a new peace sign? :D You look so friendly!

                            Lucidia ~ I want your dress!!! You look brilliant!

                            & Tarotbear ~ you look very cute & cudly!!

                            Here goes me with my best friend Rosha ~ Im on the left :D

                            Ive got some good ones from my holiday (just been to Spain to see my Dad) and my sis too which Ill try and post up tomorrow!! :D
                            New mommy & loving every minute of it!
                            Co-moderator ~ Tarot & Divination


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                              I just love seeing everyone's beautiful faces!

                              Silver~ you look absolutely FAB!! ~can't wait to see holiday pictures!