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  • Tarot Study: The Lovers

    OK. Books down! I mean it!

    First job is to look at the card and look at all of the symbols. Look very closely. I want to emphasize that this is perhaps MORE important for those of us that are already familiar with the cards, because sometimes we quit seeing the card, and see only what we expect to see. See?

    Write down your response to the card before you look at the meaning list. Don't even think about meanings yet.

    The point of this exercise is to be able to intertwine the symbolism your own mind sees with the meanings of the card, in theory, leading to a better understanding. Reciting book meanings doesn't do that if you can't connect them in a personal way to the cards.
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    The Lovers: some meanings.

    Now, since I know that you've already looked long at hard at that card, I'll go ahead and post some meanings. :D

    Personal Beliefs
    Union of divine Self with Universe
    anima/animus integrated (balance between yin and yang)

    Do all of these meanings seem to fit? Do they relate to the symbols you picked out when you looked at your card? How? If you were to read this card as a reversal, how would you go about it and why? Did I leave anything out?
    If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.
    the Buddha

    mudweed is

    Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha


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      I must admit that this card is not one I like seeing much when doing my readings because for the reader it represents someone I'm going to "fall in love" with. I'm happily single, and don't have any current plans to find someone, so if that is truly the case, I don't want it right now!!

      But, me personally, I don't see this card only for "Someone in love", or "someone you will fall in love with". Nope.

      This card to me may represent a union. A blessed union because of the angel above who I see giving a blessings with his eyes closed. It's a positive union, because of the sun shining on the angel as he does the blessing.

      The woman is on the left side, which for me stands for receiving. On my left hand, I receive what is given to me. On my right hand, I give. (Well, that may be specifically for me, I don't know if it stands much in the mystic community). Anyway, the woman is looking towards the heaven, requesting the blessing, or able to feel the blessing being given through her intuition. The snake behind her represents wisdom to me, and therefore I believe the woman has a good perception of the blessings from above (where she is staring at).

      Now the male on the left is looking at the woman. He's waiting to see what happens, what the lady has to say of what she hears (or what her intuition tells her). The guy stands beside a tree, and the leaves looks like flames. Fire signifies action to me, so I say he's waiting for the lady to tell him what she perceives, and he will take action.

      Hmmm. I'm wondering if I make any sense. Can't wait to hit those books for meanings, mudweed. lol

      Anyway, this card for me would be representing blessings to move into a union I would partake. Could be work, love, family, friends, etc. As always, I say that the one card would be supported by surrounding cards in a reading for it to truly makes any sense. Or so I think, I'm not a Tarot Card reader - yet!


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        Before taking the card out to examine it again, the first thing that comes to mind is Choices. After looking at the card again, that focus changes to Balance.

        Of course, there are many, many, MANY other things to be seen in the card, but I was trying to focus on the strongest perceptions.

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          Relationship - yes
          Symbols related: Man, Woman, Spirit and snake

          Sexuality - Definition: The condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex.
          The term "sexuality" means different thing to different people. I don't think this card is about sexuality. Unless we are speaking about the fact that they made obvious that a male and female was in the picture by displaying their nakedness. Hmmm, room for thought...
          Symbols related - nakedness of the man and woman

          Personal Beliefs - yes, in a spiritual way
          Symbols related - Angel in the sky, woman staring into the heavens, man staring at the woman

          Values - iintuitions, beliefs, and the seeking within ones spirituality for answers
          Symbols related - snake in the tree; angel; lady looking upward for answers

          Choices - I believe it can be of choices being made, coming to a decision, or looking for answers before making choices
          Symbols related - The snake in the tree reminds me of choices made (traditionally represented as Eve making the decision to eat from the tree of life)

          Duality - Don't see it

          Partnership - looking towards other for questions and answers
          Symbols related - the man, woman, and spirit

          Synthesis - ?

          Union of divine Self with Universe - yes, blessing from spirit
          Symbols related - the angels present with the male and female

          Balance - Don't see it.

          Love - yes
          Symbols - well when you see a man and woman naked together you can't help and think of a couple together in love

          anima/animus integrated (balance between yin and yang) - ?

          If you were to read this card as a reversal, how would you go about it and why? I would see it as a relationship being broken, a promise not being kept, a separation. It could also mean disharmony, arguments, and lies.


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            My Lovers card (which I'm sure chryssi1 will post soon enough ) evokes a feeling of harmony, duality, and partnership.

            Two dragons stare in awe of one another at an embankment. One, upon land, golden yellow with noticably defined scales and a head that appears to have flames coming forth just behind his eyes (although they are not and actually part of its body). It seems to inch itself closer to the edge toward the other dragon, yet being cautious not to fall in. The other dragon, soft blue in pigment with a long, streamline neck (and perhaps entire body) extends its neck and head out of the ice it has broken through up toward the other dragon. They seem inherently drawn to one another despite their differences (fire and ice/water), yet are cautious of one another and in approaching the other. However, they seem to be unable to deny their curiosity and feelings of interest.

            Upon the embankment are several trees, one which appears to have been uprooted in the fire dragon's attempt to reach the water dragon. Their roots twist and wrap over every inch of the embankment almost and down toward the ice, symbolizing to me the importance of partnerships (the trees need the water). Behind the two dragons is a lush forest with a single white, thin tree in the background, which resonates with me as purity of desire in that one wants what they want, regardless of all other factors, whether it is good for them or not.

            A small bird (not sure what kind) sits upon a few rocks to the left of the dragon couple and watches them, but it seems to have a look in its eyes of concern, that perhaps these two should back away for no good can come of this union.

            Down in the left-hand corner below the bird is a butterfly or moth, which symbolizes to me the freedom, transformation, and joy a relationship can bring at times.

            All in all this card reflects to me the importance of partnerships, by whatever nature, romantic, platonic, co-workers, family, etc. It shows that balance is needed in a relationship (by the two dragons, fire and water), yet it warns of unhealthy parternships as well, those which you are better left not indulging in, for you could get burned. This comes from the fact that they are both from two different worlds in which they may never be able to fully be together, but also that water typically represents emotion, while fire represents lust, so the two dragons may find they want different things out of the relationship, which will cause it to self-destruct.

            Key words & phrases I associate with The Lovers:

            Duality & balance
            Unhealthy desire
            The dual forces present in everyone
            Yin/Yang, Fire/Ice, Lust/Love
            Love (all kinds)
            Disharmony & unfaithfulness
            In pursuit of desire


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              I stuck with the Waite deck, cuz the Marseilles is very different

              The Lovers

              I find it interesting that as I have been studying the first few cards, I usually had to look them up in my books to get anything out of them at all. Now that I have some of the symbolism down, I can look at the cards and pick out the symbols and some of the meanings. WOW!

              This is clearly Adam and Eve, I see the angel Raphael. Adam stands in front of the tree of life, while Eve stands in front of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpent is twined around the tree of knowledge, and the sun is huge around above the head of Raphael. The tree of life has twelve leaves, which would represent the signs of the zodiac. There are 4 fruits on the tree, which would represent the four ordering powers, see what I said about that in the Emperor.

              All of those meanings you defined Mudweed fit to a tee. Even Adam and Eve had a choice, to eat or not to eat, that is the questions. Shall we stay safe in ourlittle garden, or shall we take knowledge and pay the consequences of the decision. The safe secure, or the unknown.

              Ok that is it for me on my own. I find the number symbology so interesting here that I just have to share this. Talk about blending and meshing. Six is the number of Completion. In the Genesis account, the Lord created the world in six days. Six is pictured as the six-pointed star. The star is composed of two triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down. The upper is the fire triangle and the lower the water triangle. In this way the masculine (fire) and feminine (water) come together to make a star to guide the hero on his journey. The upper points to Eros, Fate, that quixotic figure in the heavens over which we have no control. The lower points to earth, the realm of human choice. These elements unite to form the star of human destiny, a force that includes and transcends both.

              “The six-pointed star is the great symbol of Solomon, where the macrocosm and microcosm intertwine, symbolizing the Hermetic maxim, ‘As above, so below’. It is the sign of Vishnu. It represents the mystic marriage of Shiva and Shakti. It is also the shield of David and the Egyptian sign of regeneration. These ideas are reflected in the number six, which is the only number that is considered both masculine and feminine.” 1 The blending of the Anima and Animus, balancing.

              In a reading the lovers have several meanings for me. One is that a new and strong love may appear. Another meaning is that a choice/commitment must be made, one will be challenging but ultimately more rewarding, the other safe, secure, well know, but boring in the end. In this case let you heart be your guide. It may also mean that you will be meeting someone who will become a close friend. It also can mean that some balancing is required in your life, between the Anima and Animus energies.

              New and deep love, Choice, Decision to make a commitment, New close friend
              Decision made from the heart, balancing. Well more precisely what Mudweed said.

              1) Jung and Tarot; An Archetypal Journey—Sallie Nichols
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                aaaah, I can't believe I am so far behind. I hate real llife sometimes, don't you??

                Ok for the UW Lovers, I see, the tree of life and tree of knowledge which represents to me different ways of looking at things. This ties into the idea of choices. I see the man looks at the woman and the woman looks at the angel. The need to make a choice, he is more apt too rely on her (physical manifestations) wheile she looks to the angel (higher self or Divine).
                The angel seems to be blessing them, enveloping them in her wings. If this card came up in a reading I would assume that the partnership/choices to be made will have a good outcome.

                The Celtic Dragon Lovers is bittersweet to me. It is a waterdragon, who has broken through a thin layer of eice, nose to nose with what i belive is a fire dragon, who is on land. They look to be very much "into" each other, despite the differences in their backgrounds. The roots of the trees around them run into the water, showing a connection between the land and water. An egret watches them- to me that symbolizes new life and good luck but then again, I am not sure.
                This card is bittersweet because you know that the two dragons love each other, but they need to be able to overcome difficulites and differences to make the relationship work.

                I'll scan the card and post is in a bit.
                Now I am off to read the book onthis card and see how "off" I was! LOL

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                  And here is the Lovers- isn't that sweet yet sad at the same time?

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                    Interesting, you teach the tarot in the same manner I do in my book...

                    I always found interesting how the roots of the trees are still intertwined, the trees representing the tree of life (fire) and the tree of knowledge (apples/snake). I like to look at this card as the soul having been split into the male and female counterparts, creating twin souls or soul mates, separate, yet still together as their journey's begin.

                    Will they reconnect?

                    I also like to point out to students that this card relates very strongly to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, which I am sure you are already aware of.

                    I also run the comparison of this card to the Devil, which is the stark opposite. Where the Lovers are free to choose and seek, the Devil shows bondage to each other.

                    I also look at how Eve's gaze is upward, seeking spirituality (Goddess) while Adam is more mundane, looking to Eve for guidance. It seems to be Eve's choice to steer the relationship either spiritually or physically, while Adam looks to her to lead. (Lilith)

                    I love this site, and I hope that you do not mind my input to your post!

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