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    Originally posted by Emy
    ... and also making it one of your personal divination tools...

    Here is one way of doing it:

    An easy way of cleansing your deck is simply to cleanse it with incense and if you got Sage, use that one.
    Here I am going to take out my iconoclastic hat and wear it with pride- smoke is smoke is smoke, and cleanses very well. Most of the rest is personal preference.

    As for a ritual? That is a bit far for most people. Rituals are individual and very personal, as are tarot cards. If it works for you, go for it. You do need to listen to the cards, and if they don't feel right, do something about it. Do not just let them keep on bugging you.

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      Is one better to start than another??

      I was reading through all this great information and got very my very humble question.. is there one deck that is more suitable to the very very new to tarot???



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        Oh thank god/dess! Lol... I often get feelings from my cards - sometimes they're tired, sometimes sullen, when I did my first readings for total strangers this weekend they were feeling mischievous (not really very helpful in the circumstances lol), then I didn't want to leave them alone all night after I got home... I thought I was taking the whole concept of anthropomorphising a bit far lol, so I'm glad to hear that it's quite normal.

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          I love this thread! Thank you so much for the great advice and insight!

          I bought my first deck 10 years ago. I began reading and I was doing real well. Then I stopped. Then in 97 I bought another deck as the first one was lost or stolen. Then I gave it up again. Now here I am 2004, I bought yet another deck- don't know what I did with the last one and I guess my carelessness is going punished because I am drawing a blank with my cards and can't seem to connect. So this thread is a big help. Maybe it will help me connect with my deck and finally do some readings!



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            Silly question for you Myst, or whomever can answer! What exactly is the "Significator" card? Is it the one card in my deck with no label? If so...what is it for? It's not explained in my booklet.


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              I'm kinda new at this but I think it's the card that you choose to represent yourself or the person that you are reading. You only need a significator in certain spreads,not all of them.


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                Merry Meet,

                I would like to start off and thank Myst for starting such a great topic.
                I am new to this community and tarot and purchased my first deck just last week and all the information here has been great from all who have posted.

                Thanks again.


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                  please can you help me, i really want a tarot deck but i don't know which deck to choose?!? Purple dragon
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