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  • The Transparent Tarot

    This one is very cool.
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    Yes it is a cool deck and if I recall correctly the creator is a member here as well
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      very awesome indeed! I'm getting it as soon as I have the money. :boing:
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        I adore The Transparent Tarot! First off it's just plain strange and awesome holding that brick of plastic in your hands. I love the heft and feel of the cards.

        This deck really throws your reading skills for a ride too, shakes things up!

        The book is outstanding in every respect. Truly a one of a kind tarot, pretty hard to say that about any deck.

        She's also doing a Transparent Oracle....the cards so far from that that she has shown are's very Sidhe/Faery based....I cannot wait for this one! I believe it's going to be done and released 2010?
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