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    1. Are the minors illustrated or not?: Yes, but they are not traditionally named.

    2. Do the suits have the traditional names (Swords, Wands, Pentacles, Cups) including the names of the Court Cards (page vs. princess, etc.)?: No.

    3. What are the order of Justice & Strength?: this deck uses the Orisha, and does not number the cards nor have a specific Justice or Strength card.

    4. What are the Swords & Wands associations (air or fire)?: The suits are air/water/fire/earth.

    5. Does the deck have an accompanying book or just the LWB?: It has an accompanying bilingual Spanish/English guide book.

    6. What are the size of the cards?: Pretty much standard tarot size, which means bigger than playing cards?

    7. Who is the publisher?: Llewellyn, but this deck/book are out of print.

    8. Who is the artist?: Durkon

    9. Who wrote the accompanying book (if any)? Zolrak wrote the book & conceptualized the deck.

    10. Would you recommend this deck to a beginner? Why or why not?: no, I wouldn't really. I think it's better to already be familiar with the tarot when trying to learn a new system, though this one is loosely RWS based.

    I really like this deck, it's very beautiful and evocative. I had a very hard time finding it! and was very excited to get it. It reads well for clients; while the card meanings are kind of hard to link to the traditional major arcana, the book includes a chart to help you out with that. They are insightfully made.
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