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    I got this deck a couple months ago... I absolutely love it! The artwork is very different, which is one thing I really loved about it, but it also is very beautiful. The symbolism in each card and the really great descriptions in the included booklet have exceeded my expectations. It's hard for me to find decks I really connect too, even when I feel incredibly drawn to them and their artwork, which is why I never ordered decks online. But when I saw this one, I immediately fell in love (even returned two recently purchased unopenned decks to get it) and I am sooo happy with this purchase that I'm actually feeling a new sense of excitement in reading again.

    1. Are the minors illustrated or not? Yes.

    2. Do the suits have the traditional names (Swords, Wands, Pentacles, Cups) including the names of the Court Cards (page vs. princess, etc.)? Yes

    3. What are the order of Justice & Strength? Justice is 8 and Strength is 11

    4. What are the Swords & Wands associations (air or fire)? Sword seems to be air and Wands seem to be fire.

    5. Does the deck have an accompanying book or just the LWB? Just the LWB. It's actually more informative than many LWBs without being overwhelming.

    6. What are the size of the cards? 2.75 x 5.13 inches

    7. Who is the publisher? US Games 2008

    8. Who is the artist? Patrick Valenza

    9. Would you recommend this deck to a beginner? Why or why not?
    I recommend this deck... but only to people who like a deck that is very straightforward while maintaining a dryish sense of humor. Just twisted enough... like a dark carnival or the characters of the movie MirrorMask.

    Here's the creator's blog dedicated to the deck.
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    Really? I found them rather scary and Mr Punch-like images ... hey ho, takes all sorts but thanks for the recommendation
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      sorry, but i find them rather distrubing =o(. thank you, though, for sharing =o).


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        To be honest, they were less disturbing to me than the Thoth deck in feel.

        Then again, I fell in love with the Vertigo deck, which is also a darker, strong deck.

        It's like the cards were saying, "I'm not here to make people feel fluffy. I'm not here for a power struggle with you either. I'm here to give you a message, plain and simple and to the point. Make what you will of it."

        Even though the artwork is very different and somewhat "disturbing" the cards themselves are very clear which is a nice change. It's like the High Priestess in the Vertigo deck being represented by a bag lady, who babbles the secrets of the universe, but only those who listen and look beyond her appearance will actually know the wisdom of her words. I always loved that interpretation of her. :-)

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          I would like the deck except for the gold coins over the eyes. At least, that's what they look like to me, big round coins made to resemble eyes a bit.....coins were used to hold the eyelids of the dead closed, so the deck has me thinking "Ah, Zombies brought to life by the full moon."

          I do love the use of texture though and reading about the artist's technique in the LWB was intriguing.

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            when i first saw it it reminded me of a cross between those fairy tales shown from the bad guys side in the 80's-90's like The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and old timey artwork from waaaaay back in the day.
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              Originally posted by Corvis Canis Latrans View Post
              I would like the deck except for the gold coins over the eyes..
              I honestly didn't see the eyes that way.

              The eyes are actually stylized suns and moons, it seems. When the eye is wide, it looks like a full moon with a ring of illumination around it and the partially closed eyes are crescent moons. :-)
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                I adore this deck. It is one that I anxiously awaited and I was very thankful to NOT be disappointed by it when it arrived. It is a "dark" deck, and those aren't for everyone. However, I've found this particular dark deck much easier to work with than say; the Kaos, Bohemian Gothic or a couple of the vampire tarots I've had.

                Thumbs way up from me!
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                  Originally posted by karmanaught
                  The last deck I had ever owned that I immediately fell in love with was the Rhorig Tarot. I have actually owned two of this deck at separate times of my life. It was my very first, the one that I learned how to read off of. at the age of 18.

                  That first deck wandered off and the second I actually disposed of at a time of my life when I was going through a lot of spiritual upheaval.......

                  Now I can't replace that deck - it's out of print, out of stock, and the scalpers on Ebay want anywhere from $500-1000 for a used copy.

                  You can easily replace The Rohrig Tarot! I'm not sure when you saw those huge prices, I have never seen the Rohrig have such inflated prices!

                  A simple search just now on Ebay showed me 5 Rohrig's for between $44-$49 (O. and all of these are brand new not used)! And most of those were buy it now or best a good chance you would get it for even cheaper. I bought my deck off Ebay last year for $30, doesn't seem the price has went up to much since then.

                  Also you can buy this deck on some german sites for retail.

                  Maybe you're thinking of another one?
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                    I am still waiting to get my copy. Cannot wait I know I have been saying that since last October but it is true The art work is very striking to me and is right up my alley.
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                      The artwork is beautiful on this deck! I love the look and feel of these cards. Often I like one or the other. RE, I don't think you will be disappointed.

                      I had a pre-release deck a while ago that I wrote a review on. I wonder where that went?
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                        The last time I checked, those prices were for the companion book that went with the deck, not for the deck itself...oh well, I hope that is indeed the case - I'll have to give it another look


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                          Originally posted by karmanaught View Post
                          The last time I checked, those prices were for the companion book that went with the deck, not for the deck itself...oh well, I hope that is indeed the case - I'll have to give it another look

                          Just now checked on Ebay again for you...nope same decks are still there for sale and say they are the deck!

                          The companion book usually goes for way cheap...on Amazon the prices for the book are between $1.75 and $3.00!
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                            Just checking out the website, I love the special details in the deck like:

                            -the thorn-filled garden in the HP card
                            -shadows watching the Magician (extra creepiness is always appreciated)
                            -the Fool wears pajamas as a "sleepwalker"

                            Really cool deck, but I'm not sure how I feel about the sneers each character wears, it seems to be on every card. Would I be able to give myself a fair reading this way, I'm kind of a pessimist as it is.. :hairred:


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                              This is really an amazing deck.

                              I practically forced my husband to buy it over the weekend - I wanted it for myself but for some reason when we got to the shop, I decided he needed it instead.

                              I have a feeling this is going to be a dual deck for this household! I keep peeking over his shoulder at the cards while he's working with them.