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Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

    At long last, I have this deck in my hot little hands, and it was worth the wait. Alas, I could not afford the special order deck offered by Marchetti (because Marchetti had created several versions of several cards and included those variations in a random fashion in each special order deck, ordering the special deck almost assured that your deck would be individual, unlike any other), so I had to wait until the end of the Summer to get the standard deck once it was published by Llewellyn.

    It is not an inexpensive deck. However it comes with a simple tarot bag and Marchetti’s 295 page soft cover companion book called “Gateway to the Divine Tarot,” which tells the tale of the legend that is the focus and foundation of the deck, and offers Marchetti’s descriptions of the cards (without images), along with the descriptions of other Tarot experts. The book also offers some general and traditional information regarding Tarot and readings and spreads and correspondences, useful for the neophyte and more experienced reader alike.

    The cards themselves are exquisite. The digital fantasy artwork is lovely, the colors are rich and vibrant and alive, and the black edging/background adds a sensuous/occult/mysterious feel to the cards. The Major Arcana cards are mind-blowingly beautiful and detailed. This deck uses the Strength 8/Justice 11 setup, and the only Major Arcana card with an untraditional name is the Faith card (The Hierophant); Marchetti explains his reasons for this change in his writeup for this card in the accompanying book. The images of the Pages, Queens and Kings of Court Cards seem to look into the reader’s eyes, inviting him or her to get to know the personalities of their respective suits. Marchetti’s use of a flamboyant helmet, embellished with correspondences of the suits, as representations of the intense, extreme, all-or-nothing energies of the Knights instead of the image of the Knight himself is interesting, and serves to remind us that the Knights are indeed soldiers who are responsible for following their masters’ bidding. The Minor Arcana cards also have detailed images that effectively bring to life the combined energies of suit and number, and the Aces each introduce the symbols of their respective suit with lush images.

    The images on the cards are traditional enough to allow the new Tarot student to use the deck and understand the descriptions in the companion book, as well as any other books or courses they may be taking. The more advanced student will find themselves entranced by the details of the images and the story behind the images, both of which serve as an effective vehicle for the delivery of the symbolism of the Tarot. All in all, a very sensual and powerful deck, and I look forward to using it.

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    I'm very excited about this deck, I've been waiting for it for a while now. I even have a wallpaper on my desktop of his beautiful Moon card. *sigh* Alas, it will probably be a Yule gift for me, but I'm glad to know it is worth the wait. Thanks for the lovely write up!
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      I got this set a few weeks ago for my birthday!

      I wasn't sure....I've had his Gilded and his Tarot of Dreams (well still have that one, but may be selling it soon) and while I LOVE the images I can never seem to connect to them in-depth. Leaves me cold and feeling distant.

      I think The Legacy of the Divine is his best yet! The expressive faces is what I love most. Many cards that I adore. And it seems to read crystal clear and to the point.

      And I really am enjoying the book, even without the deck it is a great resource for knowledge and learning some new perspectives on the cards.
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        A local HPS I know bought this deck when it came out, too. To add to reviewing, I can quote her as saying the cards seem somewhat in, they're not made of good card stock. She's been using it every now and then since she got it, and they look like she's had them for a year already. (And, no, she doesn't mistreat her cards, and as far as I know, she doesn't ever shuffle as part of her tarot reading method.) That...kinda sucks. The images seem pretty and all, but from when she showed me the cards and the damages, I was a bit turned off. :/ I'd have to laminate them all myself to make sure they didn't end up getting worn so fast, and gosh, what work that'd be...
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          I must agree that the card stock is somewhat flimsy. Plus, the downside of the black background is that it shows wear quickly.

          But the images are awesome!


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            I bought this deck and I absolutely love it. Easy to shuffle, and I really love the quality of the cards. I like the dull finish because I don't think it distracts from the art work.

            The imagery brought me to tears, as did the in depth descriptions of the cards.

            I find the 5 of Cups an extremely haunting card, along with the 5 of Coins.

            My favourite cards are the 2 of Cups, Ace of Cups and The Star. (Subject to change or grow at any reading! :hahugh

            I'd really like to have the SE!
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              Wow the images are so BEAUTIFUL! I really want this deck.
              I currently have The Gilded Tarot and it is my main deck I use for everything.
              I'd love to have the special edition one but i just cannot afford that right now.

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                I saw this deck at the Bristol Renisance Faire 2 years ago at one of the "Psychic" booths, and it called to me. As a matter of fact it screamed at me that i needed it. Now I couldn't afford it then so I put it out of my mind, well.. last year when i went, the same booth was there and they had the deck and again it was screaming at me that I needed to get it. So I got it.

                Now, I've never had anything scream at me the way this deck did. And i've never had a deck that was so easy to read. The thing of it is, most decks that I've used, whenever you flip the card, I can get a basic idea of what it's saying on it's own and it starts to clear up the whole picture. This deck on the other hand is a little different in it's reading for me. I say this because i don't care what kind of spread i'm using, I flip a card and have no clue what it's saying until i get to the end of the segment of the layout. It's like each card is a SUPER close up and until you get to the end, (where you see the whole picture) you can't define what you're looking at. I love this deck though, because once you get the whole picture, the amount of detail is absolutely AMAZING! (and i'm not taking about the imagery on the cards themselves, as beautiful as they are)

                Also, from time to time I'll be doing a reading and I'll get the feeling that the spread is missing a card, or two, or three, etc.. and as I pull more cards from the top of the deck, the picture gets finer and finer. (mind you my normal reading is a 9 card reading.. 1-3 are past, 4-6 are present, and 7-9 are future) Sometimes I get the feeling that it wants me to pull what seem to be random cards from a spread out deck, not that I was planning on doing that, but it's like they tell me that is the right answer instead of just pulling from the top.

                My question to all of you is this... Have you ever found a deck that has spoken to you like this? Changed the way you do your readings to fit the mood/style of the cards? Tell you that the spread you are using isn't complete for the answers it's giving you?