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  • The Cosmic Tarot

    I've been using this deck for about 20 years. The imagery is extremely vibrant and beautiful. I don't think the artist was a mystic but they translated it from the ancient decks adequately. The artist used the faces of some famous movie stars in the minor arcana for some of the characters so it's fun trying to figure out which star is which. Some of them are quite obvious. Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, young Tom Cruise, Charles Bronson, Liz Taylor, etc.

    I'm sure you can still find the deck but it might be out of print. I can't remember seeing it in any of the shops I frequent.

    I would recommend it as a good deck for beginners.
    --- Let then the pilgrim enter reverently the shrine, and drink his absinthe as a stirrup-cup; for in the right conception of this life as an ordeal of chivalry lies the foundation of every perfection of philosophy. "Whatsoever ye do, whether ye eat or drink, do all to the glory of God!" applies with singular force to the absintheur. So may he come victorious from the battle of life to be received with tender kisses by some green-robed archangel, and crowned with mystic vervain in the Emerald Gateway of the Golden City of God

    Excerpted from Absinthe: The Green Goddess By Aleister Crowley

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    I have this deck!:D


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      That is a very nice deck, one I've never noticed before.

      Here is a link to some pics of the cards...

      Are the colours much the same as they appear on that link, or are they more vivid?