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  • Gummy Bear Tarot

    I so totally want to get these for Simon and/or Tristan if/when they are older and want to study tarot. They are so cute!

    Anyone have experience with these? What are some other good decks for kids?
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    Oh my goodness! That is just awesome.

    I also fount this: "The Whimsical Tarot" (HERE) But it doesn't seem quite as cool as the Gummy Bears!

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      The Whimsical might seem a little "girly." There are several other Fairy Tale based decks, one recently published by Lisa Hunt. What I'd suggest is just trying to find a nice deck without too much in the way of "adult" content, something like the Hanson-Roberts, which also has the advantage of being smaller sized cards, which fit better in little hands, without being a miniature deck.

      Or consider picking a deck based on the child's interests.

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        Oh my goodness, this is just too cute!
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          I have that deck and it is super cute! I need to get it out and work with it more.
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            Have you seen the Moon Garden Tarot or the Rabbit Tarot? Barnes and Nobles might still have a few of the OOP Girl's guide to Tarot decks.


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              These are too cute!

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                They cards that are so sweet they'll give you cavities. :hahugh:

                Very cute. :bigredgri
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                  That is an awesome deck.:mmm:


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                    What is it that makes a difference between the decks? Except of course what they look like:P


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                      aww. i was thinking it would be from, like Disney's Gummy Bears
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                        Originally posted by aluokaloo View Post
                        aww. i was thinking it would like Disney's Gummy Bears
                        Oh now that would have made a cute deck for sure :D
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