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Is The Thoth Deck Evil?

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    Originally posted by Temptation View Post
    The Thoth deck is not evil. It's creator, Alistair Crowley is considered by many to have been a magic practitioner of debatable morals and yes, some people would say he felt perfectly at home dwelling on the Dark Side of magic, but this doesn't mean the deck itself is evil.
    I wouldn't even go as far as saying Crowley had questionable morals. He was just an attention whore and hilariously narcissistic. But that's really it. He wasn't an awful person. Just has a reputation of being a weirdo and a wicked man because of his hedonistic lifestyle and his role in Modern Occultism.

    I don't know enough about Tarot to comment on the deck, though. I've just researched a bit about Crowley himself.