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Community Rules

Respect. Respect your fellow members and spiritual/religious paths and you will have no problems here. Otherwise, prepare to be banned.

Keep in mind that showing respect and respecting are different. We are not telling you that you have to respect the view, member or path. However, while posting on MW you will show respect or you will be removed from the site.

Now for the fine print, only... it's not so fine... it's the same size as all the rest:

  • All messages express the views of the author (meaning the post's author), and not the administrators and owners of Mystic Wicks nor will the administrators, owners or Mystic Wicks be held responsible for the content of any message or attachment.
  • If you feel a message is in violation of our rules and/or policies then PLEASE REPORT THE POST using the report icon located in the postbit (the part of the post where the user name is located). Do not commit a violation in return: someone else's mistakes are no excuse for your own behavior. This goes for posts made by administrators as well (after all, the admins are members of this community, too. If an Admin posts without the pink alert box the post is a member post, not an admin post.) Even if you feel someone may have already reported it... report it anyway. It isn't tattling. With that said, members don't need to be politically correct all the time. Rudeness is not against the Rule. Disrespect is. Posted material may offend you. If so, step back and wonder whether it was meant to hurt you specifically. Then you may want to report it. Otherwise, learn from it or toss it aside. Some examples of disrespect that we often see are name calling and pash bashing.
  • The administrators of Mystic Wicks Online Pagan Community and Spiritual Sanctuary have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread/post/signature/avatar/profile pic/attachment/etc for any reason. PERIOD! Why? Because I am sure some troll will come along eventually and find a way to skirt around the rules outlined above. It always happens. One thing that has made MW the great place that it is, is the absolute intolerance for trolls and trolling in any form.
  • All posts are the property of the individuals who contributed them unless otherwise specified or deemed inappropriate by the rules and guidelines. User-specific data is the property of Mystic Wicks. Do not copy any information without approval from the site admins and/or the respective author of the previously mentioned information.
  • User names and accounts are never deleted (unless a user account has been dormant for more than one year and has 0 posts) so don't ask us to do so. This would totally disrupt the flow of threads.
  • Members cannot have more than one user name. If you forget your log-in, contact an admin. If you want to change your user name, contact an admin - please do not create a second account. If we (admins) find out that a member is posting under two usernames we will merge those usernames after contacting the member in question and verifying that this is, indeed, the case. If you have registered twice and posted under several different accounts and want them merged then please contact an administrator. Occasionally a previously banned member will register a new account. When this happens the accounts will not be merged. the new account will be banned.
  • We take copyrights very seriously here. To view our 'Fair Use' policy... click here. If you feel that posted information is in violation of our copyright policy please report the post. If you are the owner of the copyrighted material please use the Contact Us form. Include a link to the material and proof that the material belongs to you.
  • If you have been banned and would like to come back to the forum please note our 'appeals' process. First, no one that has been banned will be considered for reinstatement until 3 months after their ban (some exceptions can be made depending on the nature of the ban... read on.) Please contact us (mol & gebs) if you would like your forum privileges reinstated. We don't like banning ANYONE, so we always have open eyes and ears if someone really wants to be here. So, again, email us (mol & gebs) if you would like to be reinstated. An email discussion will begin. That is the first step. Click HERE to email gebs. After some discussion we may present this discussion to the rest of the admins for feedback. This is not a guarantee of reinstatement... but it is a start.

    When a member is reinstated they are on a "one strike" policy. This means that if the member violates our rules again we are free to ban the member again without warning. "One strike" bans will be reviewed by gebs prior to execution. One strike members that are banned are rarely considered for reinstatement but an email to gebs is always an option.

A word about Privacy: All information given in the sign-up form will remain private to the Mystic Wicks Community. No information will ever be given out or sold, except when required by law.

These rules are subject to change at any time. However, if the rules are changed the community will be notified via a new thread outlining the change and through a community-wide email.