Everyone always talk about the "jumped" cards and how they could mean something etc etc.. wellll lets see what this reading sounds like!


Had just started shuffling, the MANGA cards, mini deck so there was ABSOLUTELY no reason to suddenly drop a fist full of cards! So, taking it as the cards wanting to say something here’s what they have to say: (possibly)

1. 6 Pents—GENEROSITY. To give, you need to know how to give.

2. 3 Wands—WAIT. sometimes its the only way.

3. Princess of Pents—SERVICE. There is also honor in serving.

4. Ace Swords—THOUGHT. May thought be your blade, penetrating deeply and only stopping at the truth.

5. Queen of Pents—HARMONY WITH THE ENVIROMENT. Harmony between us and the world that surrounds us is the basis of happiness.

6. King of Swords—A THOUGHT IS FACED WITH CRITISM. Only by comparing different opinions can the limits of your thinking be found.

7. the Priest—SPIRITUALITY. The spirit is a garden to be cultivated with love.

outside influences 8. Sorceress—WILL. Will and equilibrium are the basis of every action.

9. The Devil—THE DARK PART. No one is perfect.

Ok, when the cards dropped, all were face-up except for 5, 6 & 7 (had to flip them over) and cards 8 & 9 were on the far upper left side about 2 1/2 inchs away. And also cards 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 were reversed. The LWB had no meanings for reversals and I am terrible at reading them as well… so, it could be a reading for someone if it "grabs their attention" or…. dropped cards could truly be just that ‘Dropped cards" see if you can make any sense out of these~

Madame Marigold Earth Spirit