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Thread: Copyright Issues / Fair Use Policy

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    Copyright Issues / Fair Use Policy

    Hi all. We have had some concerns regarding copyright violations and since we are growing by leaps and bounds it is probably best to law down the law (so to speak).

    Below is our Fair Use policy. Whenever a post is in violation of this fair use policy it will be edited! Thats important folks…so I will repeat it. It will be edited. Just follow the fair usage guidelines and clue in new members, etc and everything should be fine. Thanks for your cooperation everyone!

    Mystic Wicks Fair Use Policy

    For prose, fair use is generally 3% of the total length of the work. That’s
    a *very* small amount of the original work. Furthermore, you need to be
    reproducing the material in order to comment on it, or to support an
    argument, etc. For a book length work, 3% is generally about 200 words.
    Consider how much less it is for essays and articles.

    For poetry or songs: fair use does not apply. You may not reproduce any part
    of a song or poem without the copyright holder’s consent.

    Public domain: If the piece in question is in the public domain, then then
    entire piece is fair use–you can do with it wha tyou like. A work is only
    considered in the public domain if the author has written, "This work is
    freely given to the public domain" or something similar. The statement must
    be explicitly stated by the author on the piece itself.

    However, if the author has been dead for 70 years, his works are considered
    in the public domain, unless the copyright has been renewed by another group
    or individual. (THat doesn’t happen very often)

    A work is *not* in the public domain just because it is on the internet,
    posted to a newsgroup, posted to a bulletin board, etc. All written material
    retains its copyright unless the author gives that copyright away.

    What this means, folks, is that its not okay to post entire news articles,
    for example, poetry or songs written by other people, excerpts of a length
    that violate fair use, or entire essays. Furthermore, it means that its not
    ok to post these things "As long as you credit your source". That’s a myth.
    If you don’t have permission from the copyright holder himself, you may not
    reproduce it on this board (or anywhere in public). Period.

    Regarding graphics: If you do not have the artists permission and the image is NOT in the public domain then you may not use any portion of tha image. Get permission FIRST or you will be asked to remove the image.
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    Talking Great Post Mol

    Can I suggest something?

    That this be re-posted each month or every three months so that New Members like myself so they know what they can do and what’s they can’t.

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    I should have read this first. Oy. But at least I won’t make that faux pas again.
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    *nods* It’s good to know.
    Don’t worry about it Mel, I know I’m so used to reproducing song lyrics and the like that I’ll probably have to remind myself (and be reminded) several times!
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    Bump with an added note: As of a year or so ago, copyright protection was extended to author’s lifetime plus 70 years.

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    Good stuff to know ~ thanks for posting this
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